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Supporting the translation of established statistical methodology into research practice

Statistics is fundamental to medical research. Statistical methodology drives sampling techniques, study design, methods for monitoring, data analysis, and the interpretation and reporting of results.

As a consequence, statisticians are vital partners in NIHR sponsored research, ensuring that research is of the highest quality. There are hundreds of statisticians employed either directly by NIHR funded units or through NIHR research grants. These statisticians are spread geographically across the UK. Many statisticians are responsible for collaborating across a diverse range of clinical and methodological research areas which can be challenging.

The NIHR Statistics Group has been formed to support NIHR statisticians, share expertise, facilitate communication and collaboration, it aims to provide opportunities for professional development, networking and collaboration. In order to achieve this, the group works with the individuals in the MRC Trials Hubs, pharmaceutical companies and UK academic institutions. Professor Deborah Ashby, OBE, Chair HTA Commissioning Board, Deputy Chair of the HTA Programme, and NIHR Senior Investigator, Imperial College London, says:

“NIHR is supporting statisticians across the country, who are often at the heart of health research projects. Statisticians develop best as professionals by learning from each other, but some can be isolated or based in small groups. This group offers the opportunity to come together to support each other and share good practice.”



Meet the steering committee

Principal Statistician

CTRU, University of Leeds

Medical Statistician

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

University of Lancaster

Nikki Totton

ScHARR, University of Sheffield

Group Co-leader, Early Phase Clinical Trials

The Institute of Cancer Research

Group Co-leader, Improving Statistical Literacy

Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit, University of Oxford.

Group Co-leader, Improving Statistical Literacy

Centre for Biostatistics, University of Manchester

Group Co-leader, Routine Data

Queen Mary University of London

Group Co-leader, Routine Data

University of East Anglia

Dawn Teare
Joint Lead

University of Newcastle

Lead; Group Leader Ophthalmology

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Group Co-leader, Early Phase Clinical Trials

Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

Susan Mallet
Group Lead, Imaging Studies

University College London

Group Leader, Laboratory Studies

University of Birmingham

Sam Leary

Group Lead Career Development

University of Bristol


University of Oxford

Andy Vail


University of Manchester

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