Imaging studies

Research involving imaging modalities presents particular challenges. These include decisions about what aspect of the image to measure and what summary statistic to use, and how to deal with large amounts of multiple testing and possible diagnostic error.

The main aim of this research section is to provide a networking group for statistical researchers involved in imaging studies in healthcare research. We will meet twice-yearly and maintaining an email list as well as advertising our events on the main NIHR email list and allstat. Additionally, we plan to write up for publication articles describing statistical issues that arise in imaging studies.

A committee coordinates meetings and other activities. We are open to suggestions for topics and presentations for future meetings. Meetings to date have been organised to include 25 to 30 statisticians and researchers, enabling good networking and small group discussions.

Section leaders

Susan Mallet
Group Lead, Imaging Studies

University College London

Section committee members

Institute of Cancer Research

University of Leeds

University of Oxford

University of Birmingham

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