Research: Ophthalmology

The Ophthalmic Research Group is led by Dr Catey Bunce, Reader in Medical Statistics at Kings College London, Honorary Statistician at the NIHR Moorfields BRC

All statistical members of this group are members of the Ophthalmic Statistics Group (OSG).

The OSG is a group of statisticians who have come together because of a common interest in ophthalmology. The group is open to members across the UK and beyond. The aspiration of the Ophthalmic Statistics Group is to “raise quality of statistics in ophthalmic publications”.

OSG achievements to date include:

  • Development of Statistics Notes for the BJO – 11 ophthalmic statistics notes published
  • Ophthalmic Statistics Workshops:


Section leaders

Training and Education Lead; Section Leader Ophthalmology

King's College London

Research: Ophthalmology Publications

Ophthalmic statistics Note 11: Logistic regression

BJO online July 2016; online 03/11/2016

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Ophthalmic statistics Note 10: Data transformations

BJO online November 2016; online 18/07/2016

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BJO Ophthalmic Statistics Note 8: Missing data – exploring the unknown

BJO March 2016, Volume 100, Issue 3; online 30/12/2015

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BJO Ophthalmic Statistics Note 6: Effect sizes matter

BJO May 2015, Volume 99, Issue 5; online 26/02/2015

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