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Ophthalmic statistics Note 11: Logistic regression

BJO online July 2016; online 03/11/2016

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Ophthalmic statistics Note 10: Data transformations

BJO online November 2016; online 18/07/2016

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BJO Ophthalmic Statistics Note 8: Missing data – exploring the unknown

BJO March 2016, Volume 100, Issue 3; online 30/12/2015

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BJO Ophthalmic Statistics Note 6: Effect sizes matter

BJO May 2015, Volume 99, Issue 5; online 26/02/2015

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Early phase clinical trials

Embracing model-based designs for dose-finding trials

British Journal of Cancer advance online publication 29 June 2017
Dose-finding trials are essential to drug development as they establish recommended doses for later-phase testing. We aim to motivate wider use of model-based designs for dose finding, such as the continual reassessment method

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