Accessing and analysing high-throughput genomic data from public repositories

Category: Laboratory Studies

Location: Webinar | Date: 25 February 2022

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We are pleased to let you know of a webinar to be held at 9.30am on the 25th February 2022 on the topic, Accessing and analysing high-throughput genomic data from public repositories. We have three talks planned

9.30 –10.10 FAIR principles and promoting openness in life sciences (Mallory Freeberg, European Bioinformatics Institute)

  • FAIR data and metadata standards
  • Resources for sharing life science data
  • Best practices for submitting FAIR data
  • Next-level FAIR: sharing code, software, workflows
  • Case study: Sharing sensitive human genomics data at the European Genome-phenome Archive

10.10–10.50 Utilising publicly available multi-omics data for discovery and validation analyses: tips and case studies (Kevin Litchfield, University College London)

  • What datasets are out there
  • How to get them
  • How to analyse them: illustration with individual patient data cancer meta-analysis

10.50– 11:00- break

11.00–11.30: Dealing with clinical meta-data (Jérémie Nsengimana, Newcastle University)

  • What is clinical metadata
  • Why clinical metadata is a rare commodity
  • Why good metadata is even rarer
  • Use and misuse of publicly accessible metadata: illustration with TCGA dataset

11.30–12:00 breakout rooms

12:00. EndWhat is clinical metadataWhy clinical metadata is a rare commodityWhy good metadata is even rarerFAIR data and metadata standards

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