NIHR Statistical Group: Imaging in Translation Research Meeting

Category: Imaging Studies

Location: Pembroke College, Oxford | Date: 1 October 2013

‘Challenges in the design and analysis of studies evaluating imaging modalities’

Incorporating measurements from imaging equipment into research studies and clinical evaluation of new imaging modalities can be challenging. Routinely used imaging equipment (such as MRI) to measure outcomes in clinical trials requires special consideration. When new imaging equipment becomes available often the optimal clinical application has not yet been identified.  The ultimate objective of translational research is to shorten the time between developmental assessment and patient benefit; so incorporating or evaluating imaging equipment in this context can be difficult.

There are many challenges that are specific to designing and analysing studies involving imaging.  These include distilling multi-factorial datasets, choosing meaningful outcome measures, assessing the reliability of output from the equipment as well as transparently and concisely reporting the result of such studies. This day brings together statisticians, clinicians and physicists working in this area who will share their experiences and knowledge on this subject.

Meeting Documents

1. Agenda – Imaging in Translational Research Meeting, 1st Oct 2013.pdf
2. Poster Booklet – Imaging Meeting, 1 October 2013

Meeting Slides

1. Challenges in the design and analysis of studies evaluating imaging modalities
2. Imaging technology evaluation for NICE: a physicist’s perspective – Professor Stephen Keevil

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