RIPOSTE Statistical Seminar October 2014

Category: Laboratory Studies

Location: Unit for Medical Statistics, King's College, London | Date: 21 October 2014

Dr Victoria Cornelius and Professor Janet Peacock

Laboratory-based studies play a central role in preclinical biomedical research, encompassing a diverse range of techniques and spanning a broad range of fields across the biomedical sciences. They are vital to the translational research pathway but many scientists have limited access to statistical support, and the partnership required between statisticians and scientists to undertake high quality research is often lacking.

Irreproducibility is an acknowledged problem within biomedicine that has been gaining increased attention due to the consequence of wasted resources. In 2013 the Laboratory Research Section of the NIHR Statistics Group, led by Dr Dawn Teare University of Sheffield, held a meeting that prompted a collaboration between statisticians and scientists resulting in the development of the RIPOSTE framework. The aim of the framework is to foster early and constructive two-way communication in order to improve the reproducibility of findings from laboratory studies.

In this seminar we will give a background to motivate the research, present examples and the RIPOSTE framework before finishing with a short workshop to discuss future challenges and next steps for laboratory-based research.

Meeting slides: RIPOSTE London

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