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NIHR Statistics Group Members Survey

The NIHR Statistics Group is open to everyone, and we are currently updating the information held on all our members.

Section 1: Member Information

1. a) What is your name?

b) What is your email address? *

2. a) What is the name of your main institution (e.g. university or company name)? *

b) Where the location of your main institution (e.g. town or city)? *

3. Which organisation(s) do you receive support and/or funding from for your salary and/or research (please select all options that apply)? *

4. a) Are you a trainee / have you been awarded a fellowship? *

b) If yes, what is the level of the award?

5. a) What is your main role? *

b) What other role(s) do you have (you can tick more than one)?

Section 2: Member Feedback

1) Group meetings are held to provide networking opportunities for statisticians nationally to discuss statistical challenges and allow sharing of best practice.

Do you have any suggestions for topics to be addressed at future Group meetings?

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