Linking independent statisticians and investigators of clinical trials

Identifying independent statisticians to be part of a Trial Steering Committee (TSC) or Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) is often challenging. It is useful for statisticians to be involved in these roles to facilitate their professional development.

A mailing list has been created to link statisticians and investigators of clinical trials to fulfil these roles. JISC provides these email discussion lists for the UK Educations and Research communities.


Why join?

For statisticians: opportunities for continuing professional development and connecting with other statisticians

For investigators: easy connection to large field of experienced statisticians, opportunity to advertise – free of charge – to a wide audience of professionals and choose the most suitable statistician for the role.


How to subscribe:

Investigators and statisticians can join the list by sending an email to:

Subject: BLANK
Message: SUBSCRIBE STAT-LINK Firstname Lastname


If you are seeking an independent statistician for your trial:

After subscribing to Stat-link, please send an email describing the opportunity to:

When advertising a request for a statistician to take a position on a DMC or TSC it is useful to include:

  • CV request
  • Brief summary of the trial
  • Source of trial funding
  • Duration of trial
  • Anticipated frequency of meetings (specify whether face-to-face or teleconference)
  • Clarification for reimbursement of travel expenses




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