Statistical issues in clinical trials of inflammatory bowel disease using endoscopy

Category: Imaging Studies

Location: Warwick Conference Centre, University of Warwick | Date: 27 April 2015

NIHR Statistics Group: Imaging Studies section meeting
Statistical Issues in Clinical Trials of Inflammatory Bowel Disease using Endoscopy

Meeting Report

This meeting will bring together statisticians, clinicians and other methodologists for discussion of common statistical issues in imaging studies.  Challenges will be illustrated by examining a clinical example – centralised reading of endoscopy for clinical trials in Inflammatory Bowel Disease – but they are also widely applicable to other imaging modalities.

Statistical issues for discussion in this meeting will include:

  • Sample size considerations in imaging studies
  • Inter-rater agreement and the effect of subjective image assessment
  • Reproducibility of endpoint assessment
  • Agreement and variability between repeated imaging time-points


12:00                   Registration and Lunch

13:00                   Introduction and Overview

Tom Fanshawe (Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford) & Sue Mallett (School of Health and Population Sciences, University of Birmingham)

13:15                    Centralised Reading of Endoscopy for Clinical Trials in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Clinical Challenges – Vip Jairath, NIHR Clinical Trials Fellow (Oxford Clinical Trial Research Unit) and Clinician in Gastroenterology and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford)

14:00                  Statistical Challenges – initial group discussion

14:20                   Coffee and Networking

14:50                   Structured Discussion of Statistical Issues

Led by Susan Dutton & Vicky Strauss (Senior Medical Statisticians, Oxford Clinical Trial Research Unit and Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford)

15:45                   Summary and Close

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