Inaugural meeting of the NIHR Statistics Group Imaging Studies Section

Category: Imaging Studies

Location: Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford | Date: 22 October 2014

This was the first meeting of the new section of the NIHR Statistics Group to focus on statistical issues in the design and analysis of imaging studies in healthcare research. The group will act as a networking opportunity for statisticians, data analysts and other methodologists working in this area.

It was attended by 25 members. The meeting included five presentations on the challenges of statistics in imaging studies across a range of topics, and some small group discussion allowing networking. During this meeting a collaborative working group was formed in order to write research papers in this area – the first two papers we anticipate to be a broad discussion paper of statistical issues in imaging studies, and one looking more specifically at issues in trials of imaging techniques.

Meeting Documents


Meeting Slides

Paul Leeson
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
University of Oxford
Cardiovascular imaging derived phenotypes

Dr Clare E Mackay
Dept of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
Imagining biomarkers for dementia research and clinical practice


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