Second Annual Meeting – Real World Medical Statistics

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Seventy five delegates attended the NIHR Statistics Group’s Second Annual Conference entitled ‘Real World Medical Statistics’, held at the University of Sheffield on 21‐22 June 2018.

The meeting brought together NIHR statisticians and researchers with an interest in statistics for educational and information‐sharing talks, breakout groups on hot topics, and networking. As we did last year, we plan to use the breakout groups as a springboard to identify key hot topics to be developed as new ‘sections’ which will complement our existing sections.

Invited speakers included Prof. Dave Jones (Dean of NIHR Faculty Trainees), Mike Batley (Policy Research, Evidence and NIHR Research Programmes), Prof. Richard Emsley (King’s College London). Main points from the breakout group discussions can be found here, and powerpoints where available, can be found below.


Chair: Dawn Teare, University of Sheffield


Welcome and introductions

Breakout session 1

Breakout session 2

Prof. Dave Jones, Dean of NIHR Faculty Trainees: ‘NIHR Academy & role of NIHR Statistics Group


Richard Emsley, King’s College London:Careful with causal inference

Feedback from breakout sessions 1‐2

Breakout session 3

  • MRC Adaptve Designs
  • Career Development
  • Mediation Analysis 1,2

Breakout session 4

Feedback from breakout sessions 3‐4

Mike Batley, Policy Research, Evidence and NIHR Research Programmes: ‘Working with Ministers and policy makers’

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